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Where to stay in Amalfi Coast? Do You know Atrani? It is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy…let’s see why!

This pretty marine village is situated between the Civita and Aureo mountains, in the Dragon Valley. According to an ancient legend this valley used to hide a dragon. The charm of Atrani isn’t just in history, so what made it like one of the most beautiful places? The architecture of buildings and the narrow streets are very suggestive and by night they do a romantic light effect reflected on the dark sea.

Amalfi Coast Hotel | Atrani borders to Amalfi, one of the most important destinations of Amalfi Coast. It is famous for being a Maritime Republic. You can get there walking through a tunnel from our hotel L’Argine fiorito, it is 500 meters far. You will understand that’s the best position where to stay in Amalfi Coast! We suggest You a tour starting by Amalfi, You can visit the St. Andrew Cathedral, museums and do a walk through the historical center.

Take the bus from Amalfi to Conca dei Marini, visit the Emerald Grotto, an amazing mix of colourful lights. Another turism stage is Furore Fiord, a place of rare beauty, You’ll take wonderful pictures! Praiano beach is featured by colorful boats, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast. Last stage: Positano, exclusive city, spectacular view, amazing historical center. Go there for sunset, when the sun goes down behind the mountains.

Amalfi Coast Hotel

Are You looking for an Amalfi Coast hotel? Your holiday in this coast will be full of activities, there’s a big variety of attractions. By our position You will get the most famous destinations. Bedrooms in L’Argine fiorito are wide and spacious, they are just planned for couples and have an amazing view on the nature which will give You the goodmorning every day.  

Amalfi hotel | You can do excursions, food and wine tours, boat tours, You will do trips to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, take the ferry to Capri and Ischia isles. A holiday must be made of lightheartedness, so, go to Amalfi to visit the main attraction and leave your car in out paid parking lot. The Amalfi Coast road is often full of traffic and there’s never space to park.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation

Are You looking for the best offers for your holiday? This is a smart decision, wait for the right offer and stay satisfied at Your booking in L’Argine fiorito. Amalfi Coast accommodation: We suggest You to ask for a free quote and keep brief with our offers and last minutes.

We are waiting for You for in your Amalfi Coast accommodation L’Argine fiorito hotel and b&b. We leave You the list of the best comforts that our past guests appreciated the most:

  • free Wi-Fi
  • air conditioning
  • toll parking
  • garden
  • proximity to Amalfi

Bed and Breakfast Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast accommodation | The tours We are talking about in this post are very comfortable, in two days You will visit all the Amalfi Coast by L’Argine fiorito. But remember, there are many other places to make your holiday special. L’Argine fiorito is one of the best b&b in Atrani, in the morning, before your excursions and trips, You’ll eat an abundant breakfast buffet, with typical homemade desserts. You can book your gluten free menu at your booking.

Bed and Breakfast Amalfi Coast | In your double room there’s a balcony that looks out the nature view, air conditioning and independent heat, private and complete bathroom and mini-bar. The WIFI service works all over the facility, You will easily connect 24 hours a day.

Excursions and Trekking Amalfi Coast

Trekking Amalfi Coast | L’Argine fiorito has an excellent position to trek. Start by the Dragon Valley, the Valley of Ironworks, get the medieval village Pontone and Scala.

Excursions Amalfi Coast | Have You ever been in Amalfi Coast before? Colors, smells and views will touch your heart. We suggest You another tour starting by L’Argine fiorito stopping in Ravello, Minori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare. Ravello is known as the city of music, there are the amazing Rufolo and Cimbrone Villas. The terraces of these places will make you feel in a fable, You will feel like in Alice in Wonderland movie.

In Minori there’s an ancient Roman Villa that testifies the proof of tourism since many centuries. Cetara is a fishermen village, the town of “Colatura di alici”. The main feature of Vietri sul Mare aree the colorful ceramic design all over the town. Vietri borders to Salerno, a pretty city We suggest You to visit for the suggestive seafront where You can see part of the Amalfi Coast, the precious historical center and the “Corso” where to walk and do shopping.

Thank You so much for visiting Us, don’t forget to book your room in your Amalfi Coast hotel, have a nice holiday!